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1 year post transplant!

Lots have happened since my last update. We reached 1-year post-transplant, we celebrated Henry's 3rd birthday, I lost my Granny at the amazing age of 105!!... and Henry's Hickman Line has now been removed! There was a brief Covid scare, but crisis averted thankfully.

We also had a virtual meeting with Bristol today and more good news was shared! Some of the medicines have been dropped as Henry's immune level has come up even more! WOOHOO! And...!!!... we were also told that we can treat Henry the same as any other child out there, and not as a child who has gone through a bone marrow transplant. We are of course remaining cautious due to Covid, but this is amazing news that he can do everything other children can!

Check out the video below for the full update and I've posted some photos from the last month so you can see how well Henry is looking and doing now!

We are beyond thankful. Think all of this will take a while to sink in as we have been used to the Hickman line and all the medication for so long. But it's a new normal I am so excited to get back to! So much light ahead, and such big plans for Henry's life!


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