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A true trooper

Over the last few weeks, Henry has had a cough, but this soon turned into temperature spikes, a snuffly nose, and sticky eyes. Sorry if that was TMI!... After a trip to the GP and a week-long course of antibiotics, Henry's temperature spiked again. Rather than contacting the GP again, I decided I would contact Henry's Haematology consultant Bethany as she knows Henry most, and knows how I think and worry! Thankfully she was able to see him on Thursday afternoon for a quick blood test and examination. Turns out to be something more viral and we are to just ride it out. If he doesn't improve or gets worse after a week, I'll phone back.

Henry has been a proper trooper throughout all of this though. He just smiles and gets on with it, even though we are all pretty sleep-deprived! Thankful it's nothing too serious, however, it doesn't stop my mind from spiraling down those dark paths again, or my anxieties being triggered. Hopefully, this will ease with time, but for now, I just have to keep my focus right, be still, talk to God, and let it go.

Praying you are all safe and well. Full video update below.


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