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Coughs & Sniffles

We are well used to plans changing throughout this journey, and thankfully I don't react quite the same when they do! But there have been some changes!

As the title says, there have been coughs and sniffles. Not emotional ones, and thankfully not Covid(!!)... but the McClements household did catch a pesky cold-type bug that's doing the rounds at the moment. Wiped us out a couple of days but thankfully we are well on the mend and feeling a lot better now. Although prior to that Henry was admitted to the hospital for a couple of days due to a temperature spike. Again, thankfully it wasn't Covid, but it was an infection that has since been treated. Standard with Henry, he always likes to throw in a few unexpected bumps in the journey lol. He coped so so well with it all and remained his usual happy playful self. I'm so thankful for how he takes everything in his stride.

Speaking of strides, his walking has improved massively! Walking a lot better and getting stronger every day. We still hold him, but he is now hitting us away and cruising along the furniture again which is just amazing!

His line removal did not go ahead as planned, however, this should happen in another couple of weeks. Please continue to pray that he keeps growing stronger and that his line can be removed soon without any further issues. Very thankful as always for your continued prayers, support, and messages. You are all such a blessing to me and my family.

Check out the full update in the video below, and some photos so you can see how well Henry is looking! Hope you are all safe and well. Love you all.


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