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Highs & lows

It's been a while since my last update, and after such a high and so much good news, things got pretty low, and really tough. Definitely the unexpected happened.

I've posted a video explaining it all, and I have posted some updates on Instagram and Facebook throughout. Long story short, Henry fell and has a fracture in each leg, and a soft bend in his right arm. He has casts on his legs and arm which are to stay on for 6 weeks (just over 3 weeks left to go!). Due to the leg splints he was put in before the casts went on, he developed bad pressure sores and also had to get a catheter fitted. Just crazy after all he has been through. All of which has left me feeling insanely guilty and needing to deal with some emotions that resurfaced from his treatment and birth. But I always say it's ok not to be ok, and it's so important and healthy to talk these things out. Keeping them inside will only become more rooted, harmful and self distructing.

Henry has been coping and adapting so well, he continues to amaze me every day! And further developments, he is now sleeping in his own bedroom! Also, I got my first covid vaccine! Thankfully I was only wiped out for a day or two!

Feeling incredibly thankful for all the messages, prayers and gifts. Blown away by the generosity, kindness and love our family has been shown throughout all of this. Love you all.


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