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More steps forward

Another video update! Things have been a bit busy this week, but among it all, there has been more good news! We are giving thanks for Henry's blood numbers increasing further, which is such a good sign after the little dip they suffered due to that EBV number. Also, his virology tests have remained negative, so hooray! AND... we don't need to go up to the hospital for another month! Yes... I said month! The initial reaction of mine was fear, as we have been seeing the medical team more regularly and getting those precious blood numbers that act as reassurance markers. So having more time between these is a bit strange, but definitely a very positive thing!! The end goal is that Henry doesn't have to get such frequent checkups, especially in these Covid times. It'll be strange and something to adjust to, but I'm ultimately so thankful we are at this stage and I keep praying things to keep improving and Henry continues to grow in strength.

I also got my first Covid vaccine booked! WOOHOO! Getting it on 21st March which is more good news as this will protect us so much more.

So yeah, all this good news and just some general ramblings in the video below! Oh... and how could I forget. I also introduce you to Bruce.

Hope you are all safe and well. Love you all.


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