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Slow Down!

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that your new year has started well.

There has been a lot going on, thankfully not about Henry's treatment side of things. All of that is going so well and we remain so so thankful. Henry is so full of life and is just non-stop at the moment, we love it!

The video below explains everything that's been going on and some prayer requests. Henry's skin has broken out a bit, mostly around his tummy and neck... we initially thought it was eczema which it still could be, but there was talk that it may be graft-vs-host disease, what he had in Bristol shortly after transplant. So we will get new creams to try and see if it settles. The consultants don't see it being a bad thing if there's a little of it. So praying it goes away! There are no other symptoms, so hopefully, it's nothing too bad and we can treat it quickly enough.

Apart from that, there has just been a lot of typical parent tasks going on! Potty training is a big one! Any tips, do share lol. He is doing well but some days he doesn't like the potty. Assuming this is normal and we just keep at it. Also applied for pre-school (how quick is time flying?!?!) and still waiting to see if we can get him into the nursery now before September to help him with his social skills etc. Please pray about that one too!

So as the title suggests... there's been so much happening that it can get quite overwhelming and stressful. I'm trying really hard to just slow down and breathe, and not to feel so under pressure or critical of myself. I am doing the best I can do, but I can be so much better if I learn to rest and balance things more. And that's the plan!!

Hope everyone is well and safe, and there are still so many of you I need to meet for "insert hot beverage here"... but we will get there soon enough! Love you all.


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