Sticks & Bones

Hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather!

Henry has been doing so so well, in such amazing form and so happy, and his speech is developing more, every word we use gets copied now, yikes! We have been getting out for more walks and he is now obsessed with carrying sticks while being pushed round Castle Espie!

We had our appointment with the bone doctor, endocrinology, on Wednesday, so I thought it was a good idea to give you a further update on that. In general, everything seems positive, just some more x-rays needed next week before they confirm any treatment. But it's looking like his Hickman line in his chest can come out soon, which will be amazing as he has had that in for well over a year now!

Check out the video and some photos below for the full update. I will keep you guys posted in the coming weeks when we know more. As always, and I know I always say it but I mean it so much, I am so thankful for all your continued prayers and support. Love you all so much! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy this amazing weather!