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Time for Nursery!

Where has the time gone?! I hope you are all safe and well... thought it was a good time to post a wee update as Henry is due to start nursery next week! How mad, and awesome, is that?? I get a bit emotional, and a tiny bit anxious, thinking about it... but ultimately I am so excited for him. I remember during his treatment praying for this moment again, and here we are! So so thankful Henry remains well and he is truly thriving.

The full update is in the video below, but if you could join us in prayers for Henry's skin to heal (we are still using the cream which seems to be doing trick, but don't think we can use it long term) and that Henry settles back to nursery well. I am also going back to work full-time this week, and we are waiting to hear back on a job application David is in for.

A couple of things have been said to me recently which have prompted me to get back to writing the book. Had a chat with someone about the importance of sharing your own story, no matter how meaningless you think it is, it truly has the potential to help, or save, someone. Even if it's just for one person, it is worth it.

Hoping to see more of you soon for catch-ups! I've posted some photos below so you can see how well, and how happy, Henry is! The world is a crazy crazy place at the minute, so I'm praying anyone who is affected stays safe. Sending love and hugs.

Here's a quote that really hit me this week...

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”



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