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Catching Up

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe! It's been a while since my last update, but there hasn't been too much to report really. Well, more so because there have been no appointments this last month!

Henry has been doing amazing. He's becoming more and more strong, walking about, and climbing now. In himself, he has more confidence to try new things, and even though he stumbles and wobbles, it doesn't seem to phase him the same. It brings me so much joy seeing him like this and doing things that he never really tried before. His speech is also coming along great, although our next challenge is to ditch the dummies! Should be fun lol. If we can achieve that, somehow, we will feel more prepared for the next challenge which is.... drum roll... potty training! Major fun times lol.

So haematology doesn't need to see Henry until October, but he does have appointments this week coming with fracture clinic and endocrinology about his bones. Really keen to hear their reports after examining Henry again. Personally, I think he is doing amazing, and feel there is no need for treatment. But then again, I'm not a medical professional! We will take whatever they recommend!...

We are also trying to get Henry back to the nursery, so hopefully in the next month or so that will happen, once we get finances sorted. It truly is like another mortgage, but it is so worth it. Henry thrived so much when he was there before, we were always keen to get him back when he was through all of his treatment.

Apart from that, everything is going great. Busy at the moment but not complaining. I've been learning how important it is to stop, pause and rest more lately, and to keep a healthy balance between everything. I would say I'm a bit of a workaholic, but in the sense that I love what I do. But I've realised I need to be careful of that as I don't want to dilute myself in other areas of my life.

I am also starting to write my book! It will be our story through Henry’s diagnosis and treatment. The light and the dark. The questions and the answers. The wrestle and the embrace. But the constant thread running throughout is the goodness of God, our faith and how God used every moment for good. Every dark moment turned to light. Every wrestle turned to embrace. And every question had an answer.

I’ll admit, it’s tough to write about it all, but I’m a great believer in how every single one of us has a story to share which can change at least one life. Henry’s journey has already touched and influenced lives. Great work has been started, and as this precious boy’s Mum, I’m prepared to bear all, become vulnerable and share every moment, whether it’s filled with pain or joy. This is our journey of wrestle and embrace and I am so looking forward to sharing it with you all.

I truly hope you are all safe and well out there. I've been able to see a lot more of you recently and I have loved connecting face to face again. Long may it continue! Love you all.


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