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Catching Up

Henry is just amazing at the minute. He recovered from his tonsillitis really well and was more hyper than usual as he knew he was feeling better! We had an amazing catch-up with his consultant in Bristol who was so impressed with his progress, that we have been moved on to the long-term transplant team, meaning we don’t need to be reviewed by them for another year! She also said that as he is 2 years post-transplant, he can fight off any bugs etc the same as any other child. Wooo! Was so overjoyed at this as I can get so anxious over just a sniffle!

We have also been catching up on his vaccination program as he has had to get all of his repeated. He still has a fair few to go, but last week he had 3 vaccines, and thankfully he has been totally fine since! Another great sign is that his body is doing so well.

He was also due for blood tests yesterday at the Royal. Was so lovely seeing all that team again as it’s felt like ages. They were also so impressed by him and amazed at how big he is getting. This seriously has me overjoyed. Still waiting for the results, and to hear about some of his awaiting referrals for his skin etc… but… haematology doesn’t need to see him again for 6 months!!!! How amazing is that?? God is so good!!!

While sitting in the waiting room, I couldn’t help but feel heavy with sadness. I felt such heartache. Not about Henry, although it did bring back some memories, for the other families there with their kids who are at a stage we used to be at. It just broke me. But I know our God is bigger than cancer and any blood disorder. I pray for all these precious children and their families, and for the amazing medical team there looking after them. I’ll never understand why these things happen, but I do know there is goodness to come out of every one of their journeys.

Now it’s the count down to Henry starting pre-school! We are so excited for him.

Hope you are all safe and well. Love to you all


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