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Let the medication weaning commence!

So we were at the hospital yesterday to get Henry's bloods etc checked. His kidneys are a bit dry as we haven't been reaching the fluid targets due to Henry being a bit sick for a few mornings. However this is just down to him not tolerating large amounts of fluid in the morning. If we stagger the meds he is totally fine.

The Belfast team had a conference call with the Bristol team and they have decided to start weaning Henry off one of the heavier drugs, Ciclosporin, which is an immunosuppressant, helping the graft versus host disease stay away. We are weaning him off this very slowly... I'm a bit nervous but thankful we are starting this now so we can see how Henry's body reacts to less medication. Please keep praying everything goes well! I've done another video update which you can watch below! Sending lots of virtual hugs to you all, so thankful for your continued support, messages and love! 


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