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Overflowing Joy

It has definitely been a while since my last update! Medically, there haven't been too many appointments. Henry had his blood checked for the first time in a couple of months last Monday. Since the last proper update, we have been living life and watching Henry thriving more and more. I am so so thankful for all I am witnessing and experiencing as a mother.

His blood came back normal and the medical teams said how amazing he looks!! Wooooo! I knew from watching him that he was feeling so well cause he was so happy and hyper all the time, but getting this reassurance from our extended family (cause that's how they still feel to us) means so so much! We are still waiting for the engraftment results so praying these come back as 100% as they have always been. We don't have to take Henry for blood tests again until March!! How amazing is that??

So apart from that, there have been Santa Parades, visits to W5, pre-school browsing, and lots of fun, playing, and cuddles. Check out the video and photos below! I am beyond thankful for where we are now. But I am still thankful for what we have journeyed through. So many important lessons have been learned throughout, and I personally feel I have truly been awakened to so much more.

I read this morning... we, as humans, are designed with the capacity for overflowing joy. How amazing is that thought? But it is always our choice. Whatever we choose, joy is always available to us. If we shift our minds and focus on finding joy in every moment, cause it is there, what a life we can live. The joy we feel will spread to others. And in these strange anxiety-filled times with Covid etc, isn't that what the world needs more of? Joy.

I hope and pray you all are safe and well... and if I don't post or update before, here's to a lovely Christmas for everyone! Love you all.


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